Fondazione EL.B.A. Nicolini


Approved by the Board of Trustees of Fondazione ELBA Nicolini on March 23 2015
The Fondazione EL.B.A. (ELectronics Biotecnology Advanced) Nicolini , once its restructure through the fusion by incorporation of Fondazione Piantoni initiated with a notary act in June 2013 was finally completed on April 4 2014 with the formal approval by Bergamo Prefettura and Italian Ministery, decided to complete the reorganization of the Nanoworld Institute (NWI) initiated 10 December 2010 with termination of the the strategic alliance with leading industries and institutions created on 2001 in Genova around the large FIRB and subsequent grant from MIUR and its transfer in Bergamo as a result of an agreement between Fondazione Piantoni and Fondazione ELBA Nicolini. Thanks to this NWI transfered to Pradalunga (Bergamo) the legal site and the administration from Rome and the laboratories from Genova (leaving behind only instruments and benches for supporting the on going cooperation with the Laboratories of Biophysics and Nanobiotechnology now headed by Professor Peshkova) and carried out the restauration and adaption of its own four stories large building to host the Laboratories consisting now of:

(a) DNASER Lab with microarrays of genes and of proteins
(b) Nanogravimetery Lab,
(c) Atomic Force Misroscopy Lab with two high resolution heads,
(d) High Vacuum Evaporator Lab with Potentiostats for electrochemistry and device construction,
(e) Thin solid film Langmuir-Blodgett through and ellipsometer Lab,
(f) Bioinformatics Lab consisting of wifi connected large computer network.
(g) An area dedicated to the Scientific, Cultural and Technological Museum “Claudio Nicolini”containing historical instruments as large X-Ray Diffractometer from Russian Accademy of Sciences, LB throughs and Scanning Tunneling Microscope from NT MDT, inclusive of a Piantoni Center for Tumors and Works of Arts.

Thanks also to their still pending nature , the President terminated thereby all negotiations with foreign and national institutions aimed to the creation of joint NWI nanolab.
The NanoWorld Institute research activity in Bergamo is thereby from 2014 entirely part of the new fused Fondazione ELBA Nicolini (FEN) with even more numerous international publications and patents (see the attached list, showing systematic scientific cooperation with the Laboratory of Biophysics and Nanobiotechnology of University of Genova headed by Professor Evgeniya Peshkova as PI (, and also partly with Arizona State University, Paris University, New Englan Biolab, Moscow State University, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and Russian Accademy of Sciences). Creation of Joint NanoLabs was originally attempted following a series of EL.B.A. Nanoforums (now at its XXXVII edition), and ad hoc meetings held between 2010 and 2013 in Tokyo, Malasya, Kyoto, Phoenix, Boston, Rome, Genova, Moscow, Grenoble,Trieste, St Peterburg, Orlando, Las Vegas, New York. The research objectives remain Cancer (differentiation, transformation and proliferation), Ecology (carbon dioxide), Energy (power generation and automation), and Intelligent Hardware (communication, utilities anf space), through grant applications, international cooperation (Russia involvement in ESRF at Grenoble and Joint Nanotek 4 World Conference and Expo in SanFrancisco-USA were our successes in 2 2014!) and multinational companies involvement as successfully done in the past (
The Stanford Series on Nanobiotechnology with President Nicolini as Editor in Chief, since 2009 and now in 2015 at its Volume 4 Nanobiotechnology in Enenergy Environment and Electronics: methods and Applications, has been accepted in the prestigious Web of Sciences and Scopus. The emerging NWI Structure has ELBATERCH srl , located in Marciana at the ELBA Island, and the Laboratory of Biophyscs and Nanobiotechnology od DIMES at University of Genova as closely affiliated centers srictly cooperating with the Research Programme of the Headquarter.As only exception the Fondazione is maintaining instrumentations and strict cooperation with the Genova University Nanbiotechnology and Biophysics Labs headed by Professor Peshkova , board of trustee member and recent winner of a national competition for Abilitation to higher Faculty position. No external NWI lab will be indeed established from now on and the partecipation of the NWI-FEN as research units in many Grant Applications to the European Union is under submission for fundng with PI from leading laboratories at sites in Europe.
The situation indeed is continuing to deteriorate and remains difficult everywhere and for everybody, and the possibility to have resources from abroad to run the Nanoworld Institute
appears impossible more than ever and consequently the President immediately after the formal fusion since he is living now largely abroad with quite strong links and recognition decided to take
quite different strong but distinct high tech initiatives in Europe, Russia, USA and Japan, waiting for an improved situation in Italy and abandoning at the same time the original idea to mantain
privileged joint NWI branches worldwide with the above named Organizations. Namely the President with FEN BoT members carried out during 2014 meetings on:
1_ April 15-18 in Oxford and June 3 in Rome with high tech busnnessman and editors leading them to create the multinational company United Scientific Group based in USA which subsequently led to the creation of NanoWorld Journal in Santa Clara at the Silicon Valley (USA) having professor Nicolini as Editor in chief for life and the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini as partner, with the first issue coming out on March 2015;
2_June 23 at Grenoble upon ESRF Director General invitation for the signing of Russian Federation-ESRF long range agreement on the Synchrotron upon FEN President initial suggestion to Kurchatov Institute Director Kovalchuck, the very first agreement of this type in advanced technology between Russia and Europe after the Ucraina crisis;
3_September 5 at Moscow in Duma and with multinational Russian-controlled high tech companies which lead to the creation at the end of 2014 in Moscow of a Russian High Tech Consortium named Russian NanoBioElectronics among the Multinational Companies NT MDT, BIOS and ELVIS NEOTECK, with a Scientific Technological Committee chaired by Nicolini and partecipation of Prof Khoklov Pro-Rerctor of Moscow State University and Prof Archakov Member of Russian Academy Sciences Presidium ;
4_November 11-14 at Biodesign Institute at Tempe, Arizona State University with Professor Wiktor to sign a memorandum for the preparation and submission of a Small Bussiness Innovation Research (SBIR) grant proposal with Art Engineering llc on “Nanowell cell-fre e protein array for high-throughput structural and functional proteomics” using FEN and AE patents ;
5_December 8 at New Englad BioLabs (more than 500 employees) in Ipswick with Nobel Prize Roberts and Dr Chong to prepere and submitt to USA public agencies (on the light of on going
cooperation with Ron Chong) ad hoc Grants Applications initially via SBIR through the creation of a USA small company to be shortly identified using NEBL proprietary “SNAP based Genes
Expression” and proprietary FEN “Label free Nanoproteomics” and “LB technologies” patents;
6_December 9-12 at Cambridge Biomodels llc in Watertown to sign with Harvard Professor Sonis a memorandum to prepere and submitt a Small Bussness Innovation Research (SBIR) grant proposal on “Genomics and structural-functional Nanoproteomics to personalized Medicine for Liken Planus cancer” using proprietary patents of both;
7_December 31 at Pradalunga calling an European High Tech initiative around the Fondazione wich has seen between January 24 and March 21 2015 the parteciaption of several top scientists from leading Universities, Research Organizations and industries.
On 23 March 2015 in place of the abolished NWI International Scientific and Technological Committee the FEN BoT has created upon the High Tech Initiatives Coordination Committee, led by the Fondazione President and composed of the Principle Investigators of the High Tech Worldwide Initiatives and European Consortia being decided and agreed upon, with the reaorganization of the Nanoword Institute within FEN and the closing of all branches proved very costly in all terms and aspects, except maintaining instruments and scientific cooperation with Genova University Laboratories of Biophysics and Nanobiotechnology until they will be led by Professor Peshkova. As a result the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini changes today its logo and incorporate entirely the Nanoworld Institute as its own Central Laboratory in Pradalunga along with its High Tech Initiatives Coordination Committee overlooking the European Consortia and Worlwide Initiatives being created ( see the attached XXXIX ELBA Nanoforum in Pradalunga). Following the final meeting of 21 March 2015 and the BoT FEN decision the NWI High Tech Initiatives Coordination Committee is formed by the Principle Investigators of the presently on going or planned High Tech European Consortia and World Wide Initiatives chaired by the Fondazione President Claudio Nicolini , namely:

Prof. Peshkova Eugenia (University Genova), CNR-RFBR, Horizons 2020 Project1 and NWJ
Prof. Giuseppe Zanotti (University Padova), Horizons 2020 Project2 and NWJ
Prof. Carlo Ventura (University Bologna), Horizons 2020 Project3 and NWJ
Dr. Christian Riekel (European Synchrotron Facility, Grenoble, France), Horizons 2020 and NWJ
Ing. Dr. Davide Nicolini (European Space Agency,Amsterdam), NWJ
Prof. Gianguido Rizzotto (International Information Academy United Nation) NWJ
Dr Ravi Dessavi (United Scientific Group, Santa Clara, USA), NWJ
Prof. Mose’ Rossi (CNR Napoli), Horizons 2020 and PON
Ing Dr. Manuela Adami (Elbatech srl) Horizons 2020 and PON
Prof . Rinaldo Psaro (CNR Milano) Horizons 2020 and CNR-RFBR
Prof. Mickail Eldarov (Russian Academy of Sciences Russian Federation), CNR-RFBR

Life President Fondazione ELBA Nicolini
Pradalunga, Bergamo March 23 2015