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Genova Friday June 13 2014

All the four Joint Committee members are present at 12 noon in Genova Sala Multimediale Laboratory of Biophysics and Nanonobiotechnology Via Antino Pastore 3:

Claudio Nicolini           University of Genova

Evgeniya Peshkova University of Genova

Norbert Hampp University of Marburg

Frank NollUniversity of Marburg

and declare successfully completed all pending examinations on the remaining PhD candidates for both PhD Courses , namely the International one on Nanobiotechnology  (A1 and A3) and the National one on Biophysical Sciences and Technoilogies ( A2 , A3 and A4) founded and directed by Professor Claudio Nicolini fter his call to the Biophysics Chairs at the Genova University Medical Scxhool from USA “per chiara fama” from the IV Cycle in 1989 up to now in 2014 with a total number of 50 (fifthy) successesfull PhD .


At the end of the bilateral defense of the candidates Scudieri and Manju Professor Nicolini called the Genova Rector Professor Giacamo De Ferrari in order to bring the entire Joint  Committee  to his office at Via Balbi 5 at 2 PM ; as a result the remaining issues still open were solved,  namely:

1_Deferrari will sign the Join PhD degree to candidate Reinhardt already signed by Dehnen;

2_Deferrari will sign the Join PhD degree to candidate Bragazzi already signed by Dehnen following the Hampp statement on Marburg behalf as requested by Alta Formazione;

3_The candidate Belmonte is granted the PhD degree on Biophysical Sciences and Technologies strictly from Genova University set by his Direction as pointed out by the Alta Formazione.

4_The two courses , up to now respectively at the XXV cycle for Nanobiotechnology and at the XXVI cycles for Biophysical Sciences and Technologies , for both Directions respectively on Nanobiotechnology and Biophysical Sciences and Technologies, will merge in one single Course at the next usefull Cycle with the new regulations set by MIUR.

Claudio Nicolini        Evgeniya Peshkova




Genova  June 13 2014