Best Impact Factor PhD


PhD Candidates on Biophysical Sciences and Technologies Programme at Genova University

Medical School Biophysics Chair from IV to XXVI cycles up to 2013

This points to the high quality and quantity production of these students warranting their good to excellent carrier progression in research institutions, industries and Universities world wide.

As a reference is provided also the corrisponding List for the Chairman and Advisro Professor Nicolini.

113 papers with with impact factor larger than 3.3 in the last 22 years

IF Rivista Paper
13.92 Advanced Drug Delivery Review Nicolini Claudio, Bragazzi Nicola and Pechkova Eugenia, Nanoproteomics Enabling Personalized  Nanomedicine, 64, 1522–1531, 2012
9.598 Proceedings National Academy of Sciences USA Facci P., Erokhin V., Carrara S., Nicolini C.,Room temperature single electron junction , 93, 10556-10559, 1996.
7.610 Trends in Biotechnology Pechkova E., Nicolini C., Protein nanocrystallography: a new approach to structural proteomics, 22, 117-122, 2004.
5.98 Nanomedicine Claudio Nicolini , Tercio Bezerra and Pechkova, Eugenia, Protein Nanotechnology For New Design and Development of Biocrystals and Biosensors, 7(8) 1-4, 2012
5.98 Nanomedicine Nicolini C., Pechkova E., Nanoproteomics for nanomedicine, Nanomedicine 5, 677-682, 2010
5.7 Journal Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Eugenia Pechkovaab,  Luca Belmontea,  Christian  Riekelc,  Dmitri  Popovd,  Christian  Koenige and  Claudio  Nicolini, Laser-micro dissection of protein crystals down to submicron dimensions  s.15,, 2013
5.7 Journal Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Claudio Nicolini, Rosanna Spera, Fernanda Festa,  Luca Belmonte,Shaorong Chong, Joshua Labaer and Eugenia Pechkova, Mass Spectrometry And Florescence Analysis Of Snap Arrays, s. 15, 2013
5.11 Journal Proteome Research , R. Spera, F. Festa, N. Bragazzi, E. Pechkova, J. LaBaer and C. Nicolini, Conductimetric Biosensor For Monitoring Protein-Protein Interaction, 2013
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Sartore, M., Adami M., Nicolini C., Computer simulation and optimization of a light addressable potentiometric sensor, , 7, 57-68, 1992.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Erokhin V., Facci P., Carrara S., Nicolini C., Fatty acid-based monoelectron device, 12, 601-606, 1997.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Facci P., Erokhin V., Nicolini C., Formation and characterization of an ultrathin semiconductor polycrystal layer for transducer applications, 12, 607-611, 1997.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Nicolini C., Erokhin V., Facci P., Guerzoni S., Rossi A., Paschkevitsch P., Quartz balance DNA sensor, 12, 613-618, 1997.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Nicolini C., Erokhin V., Paddeu S., Paternolli C., Ram M. K., Toward bacteriorhodopsin based photocells, 14, 427-433, 1999.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Ram M.K., Bertoncello P., Ding H., Paddeu S., Nicolini C., Cholesterol biosensors prepared by layer by layer technique, 16, 849-856, 2001.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Shumantseva V. De Luca G., Bulko T., Carrara S., Nicolini C., Usanov S.A., Archakov A., Cholesterol amperometric biosensor based on cytochrome P450scc, 19, 971-976, 2004.
5.061 Biosensors & Bioelectronics Stura E., Bruzzese D., Valerio F., Grasso F., Perlo P., Nicolini C., Anodic porous alumina as mechanical stability enhancer for LDL-cholesterol sensitive electrodes, 23, 655-660, 2007.
5.061 Biosensors and Bioelectronics Adami M., Sartore M., Nicolini C., PAB: A Newly designed and Integrated Potentiometric Alternating Biosensor, 10, 155-167, 1995.
5.061 Biosensors and Bioelectronics Erokhin V., Facci P., Nicolini C., Two-dimensional order and protein thermal stability: high temperature preservation of structure and function, 10, 25-34, 1995.
5.061 Biosensors and Bioelectronics Shumyantseva V.V., Carrara S., Bavastrello V., Riley D.J., Bulko T.V., Skryabin K.G., Archakov A.I., Nicolini C., Direct electron transfer between cytochrome P450scc and gold nanoparticles on screen-printed rhodium-graphite electrodes, 21, 217-222, 2005.
4.97 Chromosoma Tosato V., Nicolini C., Bruschi C.V., DNA bridging of homologous chromosomes in yeast leads to near-reciprocal translocation and loss of heterozyogsity by deletion, Chromosoma 118, 179-191, 2009.
4.627 Biophysical Journal Pechkova E., Gebhardt R., Riekel C., Nicolini C., In situ microGISAXS: I. Experimental setup for submicron study of protein nucleation and growth, Biophysical Journal 99, 1256–1261, 2010.
4.627 Biophysical Journal Gebhardt R., Pechkova E., Riekel C., Nicolini C., In situ microGISAXS: II. Thaumatin crystal growth kinetic, Biophysical Journal 99, 1262–1267, 2010.
4.312 Cell Biocchemistry Biophysics Spera R., Labaer J. and C. Nicolini, CHO Proteome Alterations Induced By Reverse Transformation,Cell Biophysics Biochemistry ,Volume 61, Number 3, 731-737, 2011
4.297 Journal of Computational Chemistry Catasti P., Carrara E., Nicolini C., PEPTO: an expert system for automatic peak assignment of two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of proteins, 11, 805-818, 1990.
4.297 Journal of Computational Chemistry Delfini, D., Nicolini, C., Carrara, E.A., Performance analysis of the double-iterated Kalman filter for molecular structure estimation, 17, 74-86, 1996.
4,2 Current Review Eukaryotic Gene Expression Pechkova E, Bragazzi NL, Belmonte L, Nicolini C, LB Nanotechnology And Space Appear To Yield The Best Protein Crystals By Clustering And Alignment, 2013
4,2 Current Review Eukaryotic Gene Expression Marine Bozdaganyan, Nicola Bragazzi, Eugenia Pechkova, Kostanti Shaitan and Claudio Nicolini , Identification Of Best Protein Crystallization Methods By Molecular Dynamics, 2013
4,2 Current Review Eukaryotic Gene Expression Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Eugenia Pechkova, Dora Scudieri, Tercio Bezerra Correia Terencio, Manuela Adami, and Claudio Nicolini,Recombinant Laccase : II. Medical Biosensor ,2012
4,2 Current Review Eukaryotic Gene Expression Belmonte, L., Pechkova E., Tripathy, S:,  Scudieri, D., and Nicolini C.’ Langmuir-Blodgett Nanotemplate  aand Radiation Resistance in  Protein Crystals:State of the Art , ,  2012
4.186 Electrochemistry Communications Bertoncello P., Notargiacomo A., Riley D.J., Ram M.K., Nicolini C., Preparation, characterization and eletrochemical properties of Nafion doped poly(ortho-anisidine) (POAS) Langmuir-Schaefer films, 5, 787-792, 2003.
4.186 Electrochemistry Communications Ding H., Bertoncello P., Ram M.K., Nicolini C., Electrochemical investigations on MEH-PPV/C60 nanocomposite Langmuir-Schaefer films, E 4, 503-505, 2002.
4.086 Journal of Physical Chemistry B Narizzano R., Erokhin V., Nicolini C., A heterostructure composed of conjugated polymer and copper sulfide nanoparticles, 109, 15798-15802, 2005.
4.086 Journal of Physical Chemistry B Paddeu S., Ram M.K., Nicolini C., Investigation of ultrathin films of processable poly(o-anisidine) conducting polymer obtained by the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique, 101, 4759-4766, 1997.
4.086 Journal Physical Chemistry B Facci P., Erokhin V., Tronin A., Nicolini C., Formation of Ultrathin Semiconductor Films by CdS Nanostructure Aggregation, 98, 13323-13327, 1994.
4.086 Journal Physical Chemistry B Steuerman D.W., Star A., Narizzano R., Choi H., Ries R.S., Nicolini C., Stoddart F., Heat J.R., Interaction between conjugated polymers and single-walled carbon nanotubes, 106, 3124-3130, 2002.
4.009 Biochemical Journal Bartolucci S; guagliardi A., Pedomne E., de Pascale D., Cannio R., Camardella L., Rossi M., Nicastro G., de Chiara C., Facci P., Mascetti G., Nicolini C., Thioredoxin from Bacillus acidocaldarius: characterization, high-level expression in Escherichia Coli and molecular modelling, 328, 277-285, 1997.
4.009 Langmuir Tronin A., Dubrovsky T., Nicolini C., Comparative study of Langmuir monolayers of immunoglobulines G formed on air-water interface and covalent immobilization on solid support, , 11, 385-389, 1995.
4.009 Langmuir Antolini F., Paddeu S., Nicolini C., Heat-stable Langmuir-Blodgett film of Glutathione-S-Transferase, 11, 2719-2725, 1995.
4.009 Langmuir Riccio A., Lanzi M., Antolini F., De Nitti C., Tavani C., Nicolini C., Ordered monolayer of cytochrome c via chemical derivatization of its outer arginine, 12, 1545-1549, 1996.
4.009 Langmuir Tronin A., Dubrovsky T., Dubrovskaya S., Radicchi G., Nicolini C., Role of protein unfolding in monolayer formation on air-water interface, 12, 3272-3275, 1996.
4.009 Langmuir Guryev O., Dubrovsky T., Chernogolov A., Dubrovskaya S., Usanov S., Nicolini C., Orientation of Cytochrome P450scc in Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers, 13, 299-304, 1997.
4.009 Langmuir Ram M. K., Carrara S., Paddeu S., Maccioni E., Nicolini C., Poly(o-anisidine) Langmuir-Schaefer films: fabrication and characterization, 13, 2760-2765, 1997.
4.009 Langmuir Facci P., Erokhin V., Paddeu S., Nicolini C., Surface pressure induced structural effects in Photosyntethic Reaction Center Langmuir-Blodgett films, 14, 193-198, 1998.
4.009 Langmuir Ram M. K., Salerno M., Adami M., Faraci P., Nicolini C., Physical properties of polyaniline films: Assembled by the layer-bylayer technique, 15, 1252-1259, 1999.
4.009 Langmuir Carrara S., Erokhin V., Nicolini C., STM image formation of organic thin films: the role of water shell, 16, 6577-6582, 2000.
4.009 Langmuir Nicolini C., Erokhin V., Ghisellini P., Paternolli C., Ram M.K., Sivozhelezov V., P450scc engineering and nanostructuring for cholesterol sensing, 17, 3719-3726, 2001.
4.009 Langmuir Bavastrello V., Ram M.K., Nicolini C., Synthesis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes and poly(o-anisidine) nanocomposite material: fabrication and characterization of its Langmuir-Schaefer films, 18, 1535-1541, 2002.
4.009 Langmuir Erokhin V., Troitsky V., Erokhina V., Mascetti G., Nicolini C., In-plane patterning of aggregated nanoparticle layers, 18, 3185-3190, 2002.
4.009 Langmuir Erokhina S., Erokhin V., Nicolini C., Sbrana F., Ricci D., Di Zitti E., Microstructure origin of the conductivity difference in aggregated CuS films of different thickness,  19, 766-771, 2003.
4.009 Langmuir Bavastrello V., Carrara S., Ram M.K., Nicolini C., Optical and electrochemical properties of poly(ortho-toluidine)-multi walled carbon nanotubes composite Langmuir-Schaefer films, 20,  969-973, 2004.
4.009 Langmuir Paternolli C., Antonini M., Ghisellini P., Nicolini C., Recombinant cytochrome P450 immobilization for biosensor applications, 20, 11706-11712, 2004.
4.009 Langmuir Bertoncello P., Notargiacomo A., Nicolini C., Langmuir-Schaefer Films of Nafion with incorporated TiO2 nanoparticles, 21, 172-177, 2005.
4.009 Langmuir Pechkova E., Innocenzi P., Malfatti L., Kidchob T., Gaspa L.,Nicolini C., Thermal Stability of Lysozyme Langmuir-Schaefer Films by FTIR Spectroscopy, 23, 1147-1151, 2007.
4.009 The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology Vergani L., Grattarola M., Nicolini C., Modifications of chromatin structure and gene expression following induced alterations of cellular shape, 36, 1447-1461, 2004
3.791 Polymer Ram M. K., Adami M., Faraci P., Nicolini C., Physical insight in the in-situ self-assembledfilms of polypyrrole, 41, 7499-7505, 2000.
3.791 Polymer Bertoncello P., Notargiacomo A., Nicolini C., Synthesis, fabrication and characterizatoin of poly[3-3′(vinylcarbazole)] (PVK) Langmuir-Schaefer films, 45, 1659-1664, 2004.
3.791 Polymer Bavastrello V., Bezerra Correia Terencio T., Nicolini C., Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline derivatives and related carbon nanotube nanocomposites – Study of optical properties and band gap calculation, Polymer 52, 46-54, 2011
3.650 Expert Review of Proteomics Nicolini C., Pechkova E., Nanocrystallography: an emerging technology for structural proteomics, 1, 253-256, 2004.
3.673 Journal Structural Biology Pechkova E., McSweeney.S.. Ravelli,B., Tripathi S. and Nicolini, Radiation Damage of Proteinase K by Synmchrotron Radiation, Journal of Structural Biology 2009.
Journal Cellular Biochemistry
Eugenia Pechkova, Dora Scudieri, Luca Belmonteand Claudio Nicolini, Oxygen-Bound Hell’s Gate Globin I By Classical Versus Lb Nanotemplate Method, 2012 ,113:2543–2548
Journal Cellular Biochemistry
M. Racapé , N. Bragazzi, V. Sivozhelezov, R. Danger, E.Pechkova, J.P. Soulillou, S. Brouard, C. Nicolini SMILE Silencing and PMA Activation In Hela Cells. 2012 , 113:1820–1832
Journal Cellular Biochemistry
Claudio Nicolini, Debora Bruzzese, Cambria Maria Teresa , Nicola Bragazzi and Eugenia Pechkova, Recombinant Laccase : I. Enzyme Cloning And Biophysical Characterization ,2013, 114(3):599-605
3.497 Journal of Structural Biology Eugenia Pechkova, Victor Sivozhelezov, Luca Belmonte, S. McSweeney And Claudio Nicolini , Unique water distribution of langmuir-blodget versus classical crystals”, 2012,
3,4 Sensors Claudio Nicolini, Manuela Adami, Bavastrello Valter, Bragazzi Nicola, Spera Rosanna, Marco Sartoreand Pechkova Eugenia Prototypes Of Organic And Biological Sensors Of New Conception For Health And Environment, , 2012,12, 1xmanuscripts;doi:10.3390/s120x0000x
3,4 Sensors Tercio Bezerra Correia Terencio, Valter Bavastrello, and Claudio Nicolini, Calcium Oxide Matrices and Carbon Dioxide Sensors, 2012
3,4 Sensors ActuatorsB R. Spera, Bezerra Correia Terencio T. and C. Nicolini,Nappa Based Nanogravimetric Biosensor: Preliminary Characterization,,182 (2013) 682– 688
3.383 Macromolecular Rapid Communications Narizzano R., Nicolini C., Mechanism of conjugated polymer organization on SWNT surfaces, 26, 381-385, 2005.
3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Vergani L., Gavazzo P., Facci P., Diaspro A., Mascetti G.C., Arena N., Gaspa L., Nicolini C., Fluorescence cytometry of microtubules and nuclear DNA during cell-cycle and reverse-transformation, 50, 201-209, 1992.
3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Gavazzo P., Vergani L, Mascetti G., Nicolini C., Effect of histone acetylation on chromatin structure, 64, 466-475, 1997.
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3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Pechkova E., Nicolini C., Atomic structure of a Ck2alpha human kinase by Microfocus diffraction of extrasmall microcrystals grown with nanobiofilm template, 91, 1010-1020, 2004.
3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Grasselli E., Tomati V., Bernasconi M.V., Nicolini C., Vergani L.,C-terminal region of protein kinase CK2alpha: how the structure can affect function and stability of the catalytic subunit, 92, 270-284, 2004
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3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Nicolini C., Pechkova E., Structure and growth of ultrasmall protein microcrystals by  synchrotron radiation: I microGISAXS and microdiffraction of P450scc, 97, 544-552, 2006.
3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Pechkova E., Nicolini C., Structure and growth of ultrasmall protein microcrystals by  synchrotron radiation: II microGISAX and microscopy of lysozyme, 97, 553-560, 2006.
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3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Spadiliero B., Vergani L., Mascetti G., Henriquez D., Nicolini C., Differential Scanning Calorimetry and in situ Fluorescence Microscopy supports a nuclear model for chromatin structure and organization in T. Cruzi, 85, 798-808, 2002.
3.381 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Sivozhelezov V., Braud C., Giacomelli L., Pechkova E., Giral M., Soulillou J.P., Brouard S., Nicolini C., Immunosuppressive drug-free operational immune tollerance in human kidney transplant recipient: II Non-statistical gene microarray analysis, Jou 103, 1693-1706, 2008.
3.374 Talanta Antonini M., Ghisellini P., Paternolli C., Nicolini C., Electrochemical study of the engineerized cytochrome P450scc interaction with free and in lipoproteins cholesterol, 62, 945-950, 2004
Biochemistry Nicolini C., Catasti P., Szilagyi L., Yau P., Effect of selective removal of chromosomal proteins on the DNA internal motions within nucleosomes during the cell cycle, 32, 64-65, 1993.
3.368 Biochemistry Vergani L., Gavazzo P., Mascetti G.,  Nicolini C., Ethidium bromide intercalation and chromatine structure: A spectropolarymetric analysis, , 33, 6578-6585, 1994.
3.354 Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics Vasile F., Pechkova E., Nicolini C., Atomic structure of the beta-subunit of the translation initiation factor Aif2 from Archaebacteria sulfolobus solfataricus: high resolution NMR in solution, 70, 1112-1115, 2008.
3.343 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Bertoncello P., Ram M.K., Notargiacomo A., Ugo P., Nicolini C., Fabrication and physico-chemical properties of Nafion Langmuir-Schaefer films, Phy 4, 4036-4043  2002.
3.310 Nanotechnology Erokhin V., Carrara S., Amenitch H., Bernstorff S., Nicolini C., Semiconductor nanoparticles for quantum devices, 9, 158-161, 1998.
3.310 Nanotechnology Nicolini C., Erokhin V., Paddeu S., Sartore M., Towards a light-addressable transducer bacteriorhodopsin based, 9, 223-227, 1998.
3.310 Nanotechnology Paddeu S., Ram M.K., Carrara S., Nicolini C., Langmuir-Schaefer films of a poly(o-anisidine) conducting polymer for sensors and displays, 9, 228-236, 1998.
3.310 Nanotechnology Notargiacomo A., Foglietti V., Cianci E., Capellini G., Adami M., Faraci P., Evangelisti F., Nicolini C., Atomic force microscopy lithography as a nanodevice development technique, 10, 458-463, 1999.
3.310 Nanotechnology Sarkar N., Ram M. K., Sarkar A., Narizzano R., Paddeu S., Nicolini C., Nanoassemblies of sulfonated polyaniline multilayers, 11, 30-36, 2000.
3.310 Nanotechnology Ram M. K., Adami M., Paddeu S., Nicolini C., Nanoassembly of glucose oxidase on the in   situ self-assembled electrochemical characterizations, 11, 112-119, 2000.
3.310 Nanotechnology Pechkova E., Nicolini C., From art to science in protein crystallization by means of thin film technology, 13, 460-464, 2002.
3.310 Nanotechnology Troitsky V., Berzina T.S., Pastorino L., Bernasconi L., Nicolini C., A new approach to the deposition of nanostrructured biocatalytic films, 14, 597-602, 2003.
3.310 Nanotechnology Garibaldi S., Brunelli C., Bavastrello V., Ghigliotti G., Nicolini C., Carbon nanotube biocompatibility with cardiac muscle cells, 17, 391-397, 2006.
3.310 Nanotechnology Grasso V., Lambertini V., Ghisellini P., Valerio F., Stura E. Perlo P., Nicolini C., Nanostructuring of a porous alumina matrix for a biomolecular microarray, 17, 795-798, 2006.
3.310 Nanotechnology Bertoncello P., Notargiacomo A., Erokhin V., Nicolini C.,Functionalization and photoelectrochemical characterization of poly[3-3′(vinylcarbazole)] multi-walled carbon nanotube (PVK-MWNT) Langmuir–Schaefer films, 17, 699-705, 2006.
3,30 Journal Mass Spectrometry Spera R., Labaer, Josh and Claudio Nicolini, MALDI-TOF Characterization of NAPPA Generated Proteins , Journal Mass Spectrometry, 2011, DOI 10.1002/jms.1976
IF decili
> 5,0 I 10
>3,3 e <5,0 II 9
>2.4 e <3.3 III 8
>1,9 e <2,4 IV 7
>1,5 e <1,9 V 6
>1,1 e <1,5 VI 5
>0,86 e <1,1 VII 4
>0,70 e <0,86 VIII 3
>0,35 e <0,70 IX 2
>0,0  e  <0,35 X 1