Centro Tumori Piantoni


Professor Piantoni (left) with Professor Nicolini (right) in 1975

FONDAZIONE PIANTONI  is a cultural a cultural  foundation  having since 205 as main objectives training , divulgation , exchange of  informations and research  in the overall scientific and technological areas   with major focus in contributing to the most fundamental advances against cancer and for our progress in  life sciences . It has ben constituted as a will of  professor  Piantoni Luigi , a Milano University  Prpfessor of Anatomy and Pathology born in Pradalunga (BG) il 21 settembre 1917 and deceased in Bergamo on 2002 , in execution of his holographic testament pubblished on 15 settembre 2003 Rep.n.9958/5707 Notary Officer Francesco Figlioli di Bergamo, registered at Bergamo 26 settembre 2003 .