Nanoworld Institute FEN Labs





The NanoWorld Institute was created in October 5 2001 as strategic alliance for Nanotechnology with the Chair of Biophysics at Genova Medical School among research (Fondazione El.B.A. Nicolini,  PNB, PST-ELBA), academic ( Genova, University  INBB Universities Consortium ) and  industrial (CentroRicercheFIAT ,Tattile ,STMicroelectronics ,Montedison, ACEA, EDISON, FKLEngineering, Antibioticos ,  IBM , Orlandi , Ausimont, Safilo, Farmitalia and ABB) institutions leading to the acquisition of instrumentations, laboratories and personnel remaining until November 1 2012  in Corso Europa 30, site of the Department Biophysical MO Sciences Technologies until 2003, from 2004 to 2010 of the Center Interuniversitary Research Nano Organic Biotechnology and until 2012 of Biophysics Nanotechnology Labs, all directed by Professor Nicolini. A trigger to the event was the award of a large ad hoc grant FIRB aimed to the integration between the public and the private from the Italian Ministry of University and Research which has de facto recognized in an open competition the NanoWorld InstituteNWI as Center of Excellence for Bio-Organic Nanotechnology and Nanosciences. Until its existence on September 1 2012 NWI won numerous research grants from the Italian Ministery University and Research for over fourthy (40) milion euros ( large FIRB2001, FIRB 2004, FIRB 2008, three FISR , three PNR, including the FIRB resulting from a cooperation with Harvard University at Cambridge-USA) , from the European Community, CNR, ENEA and from national and multinational Industries. Until its transfer to Bergamo in 2013 a scientific and technological cooperation was kept ,even during two years sabaltical leave for exclusive research until October 31 2012, with  Marburg University, Paris Curie University,  ESRFMoscow State University, Russian Academy Sciences, Arizona State University and Harvard University, conducting also higher education up to Master and PhD.  Fondazione ELBA Nicolini decided January 2013 to carry on a drastic rethinking and reorganization of the entire NanoWorldInstitute initiative and in cooperation with Fondazione Piantoni placed first its headquarter in Pradalunga (Bergamo) where moved from Genova also many equipements and facilities  while  mantaining  the  joint NWI laboratories worldwide.

Recently on March 23 2015 , after the formal incorporation on April 4 2014 by fusion of the Fondazione Piantoni as approved by MIUR and Prefettura, the Board of Trustee of Fondazione ELBA Nicolini decided to abolish the International Scientific and Technological Committee and to create in its place a Coordination Committee led by the Fondazione President and composed of the Principle Investigators of the High Tech Initiatives ongoing worldwide, with the contextual incorporation also of the Nanoword Institute into the Fondazione with closing of all branches proved very costly in all terms and aspects, except maintaining instruments and scientific cooperation with Genova University Laboratory Biophysics Nanobiotechnology since November 1 2012 now led by Professor Peshkova. As a result the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini changes today its logo and incorporate entirely the Nanoworld Institute as its own FEN NWI Central Laboratory in Pradalunga. Following a final meeting on 21 March 2015 the Principle Investigators of the presently ongoing or planned High Tech Initiatives were named in this new Committee.