NWI FEN LABS Strategies


The strategy that NWI FEN LABS NWI FEN LABS aims to challenge the world-wide competition in the frontier research and in the most advanced technology and continue to be based on nodal points:

to secure financing for research both from industry and from public agencies (MIUR, EU Horizons, Independent Plans);

to find highly qualified partners and scientists  in research, in the industrial production  and the pharmaceutical field

to identify the industrial follow-up to the research activities’ objectives;

to find a health-related application to the results of research, utilizing the net of Institute’s contacts in the medical world

to merge fruitful relationships of collaboration with important successful industrial partners

favor a large network of international relations of scientific excellence in Europe and  from Russia to the United States;

Strategic choices will be taken via the International Scientific Committee consisting of influential scientists, mostly members of their respective national academies, world leaders in the sectors of nanotechnologies and organic nanosciences.

Over the years to the activities of the NWI have participated several industrial groups of middle to large size (like CRF FiatTattileST-MicroelectronicsABBEdison, Ausimont, Antibioticos) and several small companies (ElbatechHVP, FKL Engineering, ….). Specific agreement habe been in place over the years with IBM at AlmadenGrenoble SyncrotronELETTRA Synchrotron in Trieste,Marburg University, University of Genova , Moscow State Uiversity    Russian Academy of Sciences and Massachussetts University and the Institute of Proteomics at Harvard University also supported by the Italian Ministry of the Education Research and University (MIUR).