NWI FEN LABS Spin-Off and Technology Transfer


One of the objectives of the FEN NWI in the past was the creation of spin-offs resulting from the research activities and from individual young scientists, mainly from Scientific and Technological Parks . Successful examples of it have been in the past  several research Institutes , small companies either founded by and directed in the early times between 1990 and 1999 by Prof. Nicolini , namely , Institute of Biophysics, Technobiochip Srl , Polo Nazionale Bioelettronica-Parco Scientifico e Tecnologie dell’ELBA, or created over the years by PhD students and post-PhD research associates of Professor Nicolini with its constant initial support, among which worthy of notice are ElbaTech Srl founded by Marco Sartopre and Manuela Adami ( still active in Marciana in 2013) and Freenet S.T.(still active in Rome in ICT).
In more recent times one further example of successfull spin-off is given by a young PhD associate (Enrico Stura) moving to Switzerland to partecipate to a new company active in nanoelectronics, where following his reached invention US patented (61/246,684) linked to nanoscopic treatment of the glass going from his start up based in Losanna to a multinational company peoducing worldwide only one later.

The Technology Transfer of Nanoworld Institute is started in an organic systematic fashion in terms of due diligence (done already long  time ago by Venture Consulting on part of the above technologies, namely proteoin nanocrystallography) in the late  2006 in cooperation with Technological  Districts.

A Technology Transfer has been also in place in cooperation with Polo Nazionale Bioelettronica until 2003 with several companies of different dimension and with alternative results , likewise STM, ABB, FIAT, Montedison, Olivetti, Farmitalia, ELSAG-Bailey, SORIN, and later with FKL Engineering, Saffilo, Microtech, HVP and Orlando.

From 2015 afetr incorporation of NWI the Foundation has assumed again such initiative also through the creation of Reserch Consortium linked to European Program Horizons 2020 as described in other part of the website