NWI FEN LABS Projects (2001- now)



  • FIRB Nanoitalnet: Nanosensori organici e biologici (RBPR05JH2P)
  • Safilo S.p.A.: Nanotechnology for Lenses
  • Tattile S.r.l.: Bioreactors and Biosensors
  • International FIRB: (RBIN04RXHS) Functional Proteomics and cell cycle progression
  • FIRB : (RBNE01X3CE) Nanoscience and Organic Nanotecnologies
  • Biotecnologies Theme 6: Biocatalisys
  • FISR: Organic Quantic Devices and Nanometric Litography
  • FISR: Modellation in conjugated organic nanoarchitecture
  • FISR: DNA on Nanobiotecnologies
  • Biotecnologies Theme 7: Structure and Function
  • Biotecnologies Theme 9: Biostrumentation
  • CNR-Research National Council: LED
  • CNR-Research National Council: Nanoarchitecture
  • CNR-Research National Council: Nanobiocatalisys
  • Health Project 1%, Miocardic Differentiation and cardiovascular pathologies Molecular Genomic by innovative DNA chips, Regione Sardegna
  • INTAS: Biennial plan for the construction of an international search net dedicated to the Bioelectronics;
  • COPERNICUS: Plan financed from the European Union for the search activity on P450 cytochrome scc possible mutations for applications to the biotechnologies.