Fondazione EL.B.A. Nicolini


The Fondazione EL.B.A. Nicolini was created by an initiative of Professor Claudio Nicolini, member of the National Science and Technology Council and called from USA as Emininent Scientist to the Chair of Biophysics at the University of Genova,, as an outgrowth of the successful intergovernmental agreement, called “Elba Project”, on bioelectronics and biomolecular engineering signed on December 7 1990 by the Italian Minister of Research and University Antonio Ruberti and by the Vice-Minister for Science and Technology of the Soviet Union Ivan Bortnik, and later extended to the European Commission as observer evolving into a long-range research project with multidisciplinary activities.

Fondazione EL.B.A. (Electronics Biotechnology Advanced) Nicolini has been born in 1993 with participation of  both governments (Europe and Russia) and privates (USA) and has brought to success the initiative on Bioelectronics with the required critical mass at the world scale through (a) the support of both the multinational companies organized within Polo Nazionale Bioelettronica, Scientific Technological Park of the Elba Island  and CIREF-Industrial Consortium (Sorin, Fiat, Montedison, STM, ABB, Elsag-Bailey) and (b) the Biochip Project (1) initiated by USSR President Gorbachev through Velikov-Emelyanov at Russiaan Accademy of Sciences and Italian Prime Minister Craxi through Nicolini at Genova University. In 2001 the fusion of all above organisms gave birth to the Nanoworld Institute successfully focussing on Nanoscale Sciences and Technologies (see below), and recently passed under the umbrella of Fondazione EL.B.A. Nicolini at Bergamo (Italy) on 10 December 2010 by a close agreement with Fondazione Piantoni. The strategic alliance under the name of NanoWorld Institute was initiated in 2001 by the Fondazione El.B.A. having legal site in Rome, formalizing with several research and academic institutions and several large and middle-size industries an ad hoc agreement having the proper ground rules. This led to the acquisition of numerous instrumentations, laboratories and detached personnel within the above agreement based until 2010 in Genova University within the cooperation existing since 1994 with the Institute of Biophysics at the Medical School. It was indeed first the Institute of Biophysics created in 1990 (merged in 2000 into the Department of Biophysical M & O Sciences and Technologies initially directed by Professor Nicolini until 2003) and later from 2004 to 2010 the CIRSDNNOB (Center Interuniversitary Research and Didactic Services on Organic Biological Nanotechnology and Nanosciences) to host in Genova University the NanoWorldInstitute initiative along with INBB,PNB,PST-ELBA and ABB, giving birth on 5 October 2001 to the strategic alliance until July 22 2010 when CIRSDNNOB formed by the Universities of Genoa and Sassari ceased its activities. This alliance  involved over the ten years also  Centro Ricerche FIAT,  TattileSTMicroelectronics,  Montedison,  ACEA,  EDISON,  FKL Engineering,  IBM, Orlandi,  Antibioticos,  Ausimont, Safilo and Farmitalia. NanoWorldInstitute (NWI) was born in 2001 thanks to the award of a very large ad hoc grant (FIRB) to Claudio Nicolini aimed to the integration between the public and the private from the Italian Ministry of University and Research which has de facto recognized in an open competition the NWI as Center of Excellence for Bio-Organic  Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences. Until his existence in Genova on July 22 2010 NWI won numerous large research grants from the Italian Ministery University and Research ( FIRB 2001, FIRB 2004, FIRB 2008, three FISR , three PNR, including the FIRB resulting from an inyernational  cooperation with Harvard University at Cambridge-USA) , from the European Community and from national and multinational Industries. From 2009 until the closure of its scientific-technological activities on 22 July 2010,the NWI relied strictly on the scientific and technological cooperation between the University of Genoa Eminent Chair of Biophysics and the Fondazione El.B.A. Nicolini, involving FKL Engineering,ELBATECHMarburg UniversityESRF,Moscow State University, and Harvard University. It is worth to notice that NWI while in Genova proved to have a structure well tested also in the conduction of higher education up to the of Master and Ph.D. with over 80 successful candidates. Following the decision of Professor Nicolini for  two years sabaltical leave for exclusive research until October 31 2012 mostly abroad (University of Arizona and New England Biolab in USA , Curie University in Paris (France) , European Synchrotron Radiation in Grenoble , Moscow State University and Russian Accademy of Sciences in Russia) and the subsequent events ,  the Board of Trustee of the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini decided  on 10 December 2010 to carry on a drastic rethinking and reorganization of the entire NanoWorldInstitute initiative completed with final numerous decisions by the Board of Trustee in New York at Marqui Marriot on December 9 2013 , to become effective full scale on 1 January 2014 placing its headquarter and central laboratory in Bergamo and opening new cooperations worldwide focussing into Russian Federation, USA and Europe , with advisory body the International Scientific Committee of the Fondazione El.B.A.Nicolini in place since 2001 and changed in this occasion. This has been pursued following the series of Nanoforums being held during 2012 in Phoenix, Boston, Rome, Genova, Moscow and Grenoble ( ) and numerous meetings in Rome, Paris , Moscow , Rio de Janerio, Orlando, New York and Boston in 2013.

(1) Nicolini,C.,Molecular Bioelectronics, World Publishing Company, 1996, and its  updated edition of  2014 “18 years later”.

Strategic Reorganization

The Board of Trustee of the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini decided on 9 December  2010 to carry on a drastic rethinking and reorganization of the entire Fondazione EL.B.A.-Nicolini around the NanoWorldInstitute initiative effective January 2011 moving its headquarter from Genova to Bergamo and opening several new laboratories worldwide. The new structure of the NanoWorld Institute will be made public in the near future having as President Professor Claudio Nicolini , as coordinator for each joint laboratory site a Board named jointly with the corresponding host institution  and as International Scientific Committee the one provided since 2001 and to be reorganized entirely by the Fondazione El.B.A.Nicolini. The decision of our President Professor Nicolini to leave Genova University and Italy for two years research leave  in USA, Russia Federation, Europe and Asia until October 31 2012 goes in the same direction ( ; ).    The strategic alliance under the name of  NanoWorld Institute, initiated in 2001 by the Fondazione El.B.A. having legal site in Rome and located in Genova University, is being completely renewed formalizing new ad hoc agreements with new research and academic institutions and new industries an ad hoc agreement beginning from 2011. Towards this end the Fondazione ELBA Nicolini, even maintaining his legal site in Rome, has moved his central administration and main  laboratory also in Pradalunga (Bergamo) in close synthony and cooperation with Fondazione Piantoni who owns the buildings and the structures where they are located and who has also as President for life Professor Claudio Nicolini. The unique combination of events above described represent indeed the unprecedented opportunity for a new beginning in an extremely difficult world , going back to the early times when Fondazione El.B.A. resulted in 1993 from the convergent initiative of governments and research institutions from Italy , Europe , Russia and USA. This reorganization led finally in the Santus Notary Office on May 31 2013 to the legal deliberation by  two Board of Trustees of the Fusion of Fondazione Piantoni into Fondazione  EL.B.A. Nicolini to strengthen and further enhanced their long cooperation, which was finally approved on April 4 2014 by the Italian Ministery University Education and Research and by the Prefettura of Bergamo.

Pradalunga 22 Aprile  2014