Training activities FEN

One of the goals of the Fondazione is the training by research of postgraduate and postdoctoral students and researchers early in their careers. This goal is pursued by means of organization of courses on specific subjects combined with laboratory exercises, but most of all by creating a series of Fondazione EL.B.A. Conferences and of Fondazione EL.B.A. Forum, respectively 10 days long courses and three days long research workshop, both with the participation of top internationally leading scientists. The management training activity included a meeting on problems of internationalization of research and of R&D management, organized in June 1994. Also in June 1994, the Fondazione organized a scientific seminar on “Recent positive developments in cancer therapy”, where noted scientists took part. The first “Fondazione EL.B.A. Conference on Genome” has been held on February 20-21, 1995 and tackled the problems of human genome studies. Numerous participants attended key note lectures held by Prof. Gilmour of the Babraham Institute of Cambridge, Prof. Georgiev of the Institute of Gene Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Croce of the Jefferson Cancer Institute of Philadelphia.
The Fondazione EL.B.A. has also co-sponsored, together with other international institutions and organizations, an international conference “High-Temperature Biotechnology”, successfully held August 17-21, 1995, in Kamchatka, Russia and the “Protein-based Nanotechnology” Forum in Tokyo along with the Japanese Erato JRDC Project and the Italian Embassy on December 8 1995.
The most recent Conferences were the 2nd Course on Genome Structure and Function, co-sponsored by the NATO Scientific Affairs Division within the Advanced Study Institute scheme and held in Elba on June 13- 23, 1996, with the participation of the world renowned scientists active in the field and the fourth Course of the National Biophysics School in Bressanone on “Nanobiotechnologies Bioimaging” during October 5-8, 1996. As a result of an agreement with the Istituto Nazionale Biostruttura Biosistemi and the Istituto Trentino di Cultura, EL.B.A. Forum on Molecular Bioelectronics has been held yearly in October at Bressanone as satellite workshops within the framework of the Italian National School of Biophysics: on 1997 “Biophysics of Electron Transfer”, to be published as a third volume of the EL.B.A. Forum series by Plenum Publishing Company and in 1998 on “Bioimaging”.
Continued, in the field of the Foundazione EL.B.A. Forum the activity started in the past years in agreement with the University of Padova, the National Institute of Biostructure and Biosystems and and the cultural Intitute of Trentino for the realisation of a series of courses in the field of a National School of Biophysics, with place in Bressanone. In October1998 was been held a course on the Bioimaging with the participation of the most experts in the field, while is in proceeding to be published, by the Plenum Publishing Company of New York and London., in the Fondazione El.B.A. series, the volume “Biophysics of Electron Transfer and Molecular Bioelectronics” (as Volume 3)
A workshop on “Equipment for Advanced Biotechnologies” has been organized in September 1999 within the framework of the National School of Biophysics in Bressanone (app. C). The proceedings of the school are being published in a special volume of the EL.B.A. Forum Series. Since then every year a course is being held in Bressanone with the same framework as a result of the close cooperation between the Fondazione Elba , the Italian Biophysical Society and the University of Padova , reaching the tenth in 2002.
Moreover the Fondazione El.B.A. set up a plan of activities that has started on the 2001 to support, with students grants ad hoc, young recent graduated in the field of the nanotechnologies.